We are so very proud of our youth’s accomplishments, both within the SCQHA and beyond. Click on the youth’s name to see what they are up to both inside and outside of SCQHA.

If you would like your youth to be a part of this page, please email Paige Meeker with the following information:

  • A photo you want for the thumbnail on the first page (scqhya-proud)
  • The name you want at the top of their page, and a photo for the top of their page
  • Why you’re proud – a list of everything that makes you glow about your youth rider! This can be paragraph form or list form. It can have everything to do with riding or be outside of this – church, school, other sports, etc. Be sure to include any special awards they’ve received.
  • Any links to any of the organizations your youth is a part of so that I can link them in for other parents that might be interested in learning more.
  • Any other photos you want to include at the bottom. Also, everyone LOVES photos; however, due to space restraints, try not to send toooo many. Somewhere between 2 and 6 are perfect. It possible that we can sneak in additional ones, but we can also always update them to different ones in the future.
  • Finally, if your youth is already here, keep us in mind as new accomplishments happen. It’s a joy to update their pages. 🙂