Jenna Hornick

Jenna is a current eighth grader at Langtree Charter in Mooresville North Carolina. She has had to overcome many learning disabilities 
in her young life. Her passion has always been horses. Her mom took her to a few local shows starting at the age of five. She loved it and it was an opportunity for her to help with some of her learning issues.

As she grow older she was in need of a trainer. We found Kevin Shaw from Shaw‘s performance horses. Kevin was willing to work with Jenna and teach her. These two worked together for over three years. In 2018 Kevin thought Jenna was ready for the show ring. We leased a horse in Kevin‘s barn named “BB Hollywood Socks” a.k.a. Dallas and got Jenna a SCQHA membership. She attended every SCQHA Camden show as well as in Clemson in 2018. Jenna and BB Hollywood socks had a great year together. She was thrilled with the experience and how far she has come.

When she is not at the barn Jenna enjoys singing in her school chorus, swimming, and shooting her bow in the woods at home. In her first year showing SCQHA in the novice youth ranch riding division Jenna finished 4th, and earned her first AQHA points. This is such an amazing accomplishment for her. She hopes to add some reining classes in this coming year as well. Her family and trainer Kevin Shaw are so proud of how far she has come. For her 14th birthday this past December she received the best gift ever “BBHollywood Socks”